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Catalina MH supplies a huge array of industrial storage and material handling products, including multiple warehouse racking systems, custom order picking racks, catwalk systems, and other storage solutions.

Over 30 years of deep experience in industrial storage solutions.

Storage Solution Experts — Catalina MH prides itself on our top-class service and sophisticated industrial storage solutions to maximize your warehouse space and long-term ROI.

Engineering & Professional Services

We're a full-service provider of all supporting and professional services associated with industrial racking and storage solutions–all the critical elements to making your warehouse project a success!

Racking System Design

Seismic Engineering Calculations

High Pile Stock Submittal


Onsite Surveys & Inspections

Custom Warehouse Floor Line Painting & Signage

Consulting Services

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Catalina Material Handling proudly serves industries big and small all across California, the US, and Canada.

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We invite your biggest material handling challenges–we pride ourselves on top-class service and superior craftsmanship in all we do. Ask how we can help you!

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7351 Garden Grove Blvd. Unit B
Garden Grove, CA 92841


562 . 997 . 1911